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Paperless Invoices: 5 Reasons to switch

Paperless Invoices: 5 Reasons to switch

Are you still manually printing and mailing invoices? It’s time to embrace technology. Go paperless and start sending invoices with the click of a button! Read on if you’re interested in the various business benefits of going paperless.

1. Save Money and Resources

What business doesn’t want to save money, and cut costs wherever possible? With 82 percent of companies still spending billions on paper, it would seem like a no brainer to go paperless. E-invoices are here to help your bank account. Say goodbye to regular runs to the office supply store, emptying your wallet to yet again buy more paper. No need to spend on paper when clients can receive invoices directly in their inboxes! Also, save yourself the headache and extra cost of contacting a technician when your printer starts acting up.

2. Increase Productivity

Do you often find yourself at work repeating the phrase, “if only I had more time…?” If so, going paperless is the solution for you. By getting rid of paper invoices, think of all the time spent preparing, printing, and mailing invoices that you’ll get back.

3. Digitize Your Business

To become a digital business, your company could make small changes. For example, going paperless with other documents including onboarding forms, contracts, and receipts. Have clients and employees fill out forms online rather via printed paperwork. Bonus: it will also spare you from having yet another pile of paper cluttering up your desk or filing cabinet!

4. Receive Payments Faster

Paper invoices are a nuisance for both customers and businesses. Customers must go through the hassle of either providing credit card information, mailing a check, or making a payment in-person to pay their balance. For businesses, these options delay the payment process. Luckily, e-invoices speed up the payment process so you can be paid immediately! Also, they can peek invoices using a web browser, email, or mobile device. Both customers and businesses enjoy this simplified and convenient payment process.

5. Contribute to Helping the Environment

The Time reports 15 billion trees are cut each year. Most of which are used in the paper industry. Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change, so why not make a simple change to reduce your business’s impact on the environment? By transitioning to paperless invoicing, your business is going to be helping to conserve trees, ultimately reducing the quantity of deforestation. Go green!

The list of reasons to go paperless goes on and on, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for Docbrew today to try the best and most convenient method of e-invoicing!